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Some Sarcasm from Hawke


Sad Cat Diary

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I know. It’s happened to me to. I don’t like it either. I had a post get 100+ notes because someone turned meta into a gross Fingon/Maedhros crybaby fanfic; I had a casual and self-deprecating post that made me look uninformed get 100+ notes because someone added a silly story to it; a friend posted meta that got around that many because someone added a dick joke. It isn’t fun, less so when it happens a lot, so I really do understand that. 

But I can’t keep tabs on who posts what and what they do and don’t like, and how often a bad thing happens with their posts. If I’d known, yeah, I probably would’ve held back, and a casual inbox note like “hey I’d like to keep this about Arafinweans, thanks!” would’ve made me delete it hastily. So really. Apologies, but I was having a bad day, and I perceived that post as “make them look bad for doing nothing wrong” and even on a good day my instinct is defence. 

… As for the anti-Doriath thing, the only reason it’s there is to cover my bases. I don’t actively post hate about those characters, probably never will, but on the off chance something slips out about my dislike of them, I don’t want it to cause issues—I’d rather the people who are going to be offended just keep their distance, because we’ll all be happier. Less drama that way. I’ve found it very helpful to have people mention in sidebars that they’re prone to Feanorian hate, so it’s really less of a “fuck these particular characters” than a “possibility of biased posts” kind of thing. They’ll still post it, but I can avoid it. 

Anyway, I’ve calmed down a bit. It was 99% bad timing there, and I was feeling touchy, but it does help to discuss things, so I hope we can avoid residual bad feelings!

As far as I know, pretty much every Arafinwean fan is touchy about those things - so maybe something to keep in mind for the future

On the other hand, I’ve seen so much really vicious hate against Galadriel, Finrod and Arafinwe in my time here (the others get ignored in general) that I might just be a tad sensitive there. My reading of comments to my posts like yours is basically ‘Oh look, there’s a character trait I like used for people I don’t care about, why not just take the character trait and apply it to my faves, and let’s do that in a reblog to let the OP of that post know that I don’t care about the characters in the original post!’

I get having a bad day though, and that’s unfortunate - but yknow, when it rains, it pours. We don’t have to marry, after all. And, honestly - suggesting to people that they should calm down is literally one of the worst things you could do in any ‘drama’ situation. I assume there’s a reason to your frustration, so I’m grateful that you seem to acknowledge that there’s a reason to mine as well.

Also, doing this sort of thing in public feels a lot cleaner for me. You can’t forget that not everybody would react positively to a private message like that. I always feel that discussing things publicly is making both parties react more responsible.

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Well, me, because it was a gut reaction to being made to feel really shitty for trying to be positive. 

You could’ve let me know privately that you didn’t want that commentary. I’d have taken the post down if you wanted, as I shall happily do now. But publicly calling me out for doing something wrong (which was what, exactly? Liking popular characters as well as the characters you like?) isn’t really fair. I wasn’t discrediting your post or denying it; I wasn’t mean about your ideas; I didn’t delete your contribution to make room for mine, or edit your words to be about something else.  

I’m not sure why I, or any other potential reblogger, needs to be avoided for an innocuous and harmless comment in a reblog that didn’t get any attention. I’m sorry that I commented, and I’m sorry that this now has to be a big fight, but it’s not right to get angry because I didn’t respond exactly in the way you wanted to. 

Where is this a big fight though? This fandom is full of people who can’t stand each other, that’s a reality. I don’t really feel either way about you, I’m just annoyed that ANY TIME I make that sort of post SOMEBODY has to make it about somebody else.

This time it was you, and this time I decided that I’d publicly make it clear that I do not like that one bit and that it’s not good form in a fandom in which most people know each other

And honestly? You’ve got so much support that this is not going to make you look genuinely bad. (The Anti-Doriath thing might make you look bad to some people, but hey, I’ll not get on your turf there if you don’t get on mine.)

(I’m really not angry btw. I’m annoyed that the same crap keeps happening again and again after two years that I’ve actively spent in this fandom now.)

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Paladin: I say we grease the mage and slide him down the hall. 


i wish i could say i’m sorry but i’m really not



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Headcanon: All the Finarfinians have smiles that sweep you off of your feet.


headcanon that it’s the same with the Nolofinweans, which probably means that Indis’ smile is the most charming thing in Arda

Sorry this post is about Arafinweans okay bye

Ok maybe calm down because last time I checked tumblr’s format was such that people are allowed to contribute and make connections as they see fit and it’s not your business how people reblog or comment on a public forum? I could see being upset if the post was only popular because of me (I am annoyed when that happens to my posts, though I would still never call someone out on it), but that’s not the case. No need to be rude.

'Last time I checked' - who's being rude here?

This is a small fandom. If it was a post that would be reblogged by thousands of people, sure, there’d be nothing I could do about it

But hell, this is a TINY FANDOM. And on my blog I can absolutely comment on how I don’t like it when people take my post about a group of people who don’t get enough love and makes it about another group of people. And I can also let people (you) know how I don’t like this. So we all know who to avoid in this tiny fandom of ours.

And you know, in the end some feanorian fan reblogs it with the same thing, and suddenly my babies are Just Those Other Dudes again.

(btw I’m very, very pro-Doriath, so you might wanna just block me and we can go our merry ways, bye :) )

your are absolutely RIGHT with your comment! It WAS about arafinweans and they don't get enough love in the fandom anyways
─ Anonymous

Thank you :D

No hate on Nolofinweans though, I love those tragic little butts

But yeah, the Arafinweans are my babies and it’d be great if more people would gush about them :/ (not even only Finrod and Galadriel though, there are so much more of them :X (not least Arafinwe and Earwen tbqh))