Hate actually IS an answer

It’s the answer of oppressed people who are getting killed and maimed in our society because of things they can’t control

It’s the answer of people who would be glad to see no more serious consequences of society’s hate against them than ‘people saying mean things’

If somebody (in this case, the sociopolitical majority of society) is trying to kill or otherwise physically damage you, nobody can tell you that you’re not allowed to hate them.

'Hate is not the answer' is the biggest fucking bullshit anybody could ever spew because nobody has a right to tell people who fight for their life that they need to be nice to the people they have come to expect physical harm from

Stop fucking silencing the rage of large numbers of oppressed people just because you don’t want to have your individual feelings hurt



The best part of homestuck imo is the fact these 13 year old kids just find this alien race and they only question it for like. 2 seconds. Most people would have an existential crisis but rose is just like “I’m gonna fuck that”


So of course I also took some larp-mashup photos when I was in Visby. Most of it is the same as I wore last summer at the medieval-week. Some things are added from my shitload of larpstuff. Not one of my cosplays.

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Bucky Barnes


Can’t sleep either, huh?

(Sam + Steve + road trip + crappy motels. From that night on they don’t bother to book separate rooms.)


Sebastian Stan recreates what his face looked like when he found out they were doing the Winter Soldier storyline

Just sent in my translation and I’m so fucking tired now


Ideally the plot of Captain America 3 will go something like this:

  • Steve and Sam find Bucky and fix his memories within the first 20 heartfelt minutes
  • Bucky moves in with Steve (for bonus points Steve will tell Bucky all he has to do is shine his shoes and Bucky will laugh and I will drown in my own tears)
  • Steve teaches Bucky how to 21st Century and hilarity ensues
  • Also they get a puppy and name it like Freedom or Liberty or Patriot because Steeeeve 
  • At some point Natasha and Clint come over (“Clint wanted to see the fossil exhibit”) and end up braiding Bucky’s hair
  • Also Tony and Bruce come over to study Bucky’s arm and Bruce tries to be serious and do science but Tony just ends up seeing if he can stick magnets to it (he can)
  • Then Steve and Bucky will go back to the Captain America exhibit and some kids recognize both of them and call them heroes and have them sign autographs for them and Bucky almost cries because he’s so happy to be known as a hero and not a terrorist